“She delivers soul-stirring songs with great intensity.” – Martin Bandyke, Ann Arbor’s 107one

Hana Malhas is a Jordanian singer-songwriter. She currently performs with her band The Overthinkers, engaging audiences with an indie folk-pop/rock sound.

On stage, Hana is a storyteller with an expressive vocal delivery. A live show with Hana and the Overthinkers is like experiencing subtle drama – they connect you to your subconscious loves, your inner superhero and your dark quiet places – making you cry one minute and laugh the next. The Overthinkers feature the diverse personalities and music skills of Munther Jaber (bass), Omar Abbassi (drums), Darem Aqrabawi (guitar), and Tamer Gargour (vocals/guitar).

JO Magazine’s Nick Seeley describes Hana as” “a songstress with a 10,000-watt voice… it’s as if the music is taking over her body, channeling through her lungs in a sort of velvet explosion…she has an infectious smile, and a playful way of grooving onstage, performing with either piano or guitar.”

Her latest EP release ‘Hana Malhas & The Overthinkers’ features “How We Love”, nominated for the 12th annual Independent Music Award in the Folk/Singer-songwriter Song Category. It was co-produced by Michelle Chamuel (Thick Glasses Music, Ella Riot, The Reverb Junkie), who added all vocal harmonies and instrumental arrangements. Hana’s voice is at times haunting, and hard-hitting at others. While her 2010 debut LP, Shapeshift (2010), featured 17 American and Jordanian artists recorded over two time zones, this second record is more focused, elemental, and intimate. Performed live, these intimate recordings unfold into a richer full-band sound, as she is joined by the Overthinkers.

Past shows have featured Hana in different setups – from solo to trio to band appearances. Her favorite venues have included: headlining shows at the The Ark in Ann Arbor, Michigan; The Other Side in Dubai; the Citadel in Amman; Sakia stage in Cairo, and an opening set in Istanbul. She’s performed at a range of venues, from intimate listening rooms to festivals and outdoor stages, in the Middle East and the US (Michigan -Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Detroit, Dearborn, Grand Rapids, Traverse City, Albion, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Milwaukee).

Hana is currently writing and recording new releases for 2016, and is the host/curator of ‘Bala Feesh‘ – an offline and online series promoting independent artists in the Arab world, launched in July 2013 in Amman, Jordan.

““Her voice has a great deal of texture and soul…[Malhas’s] songs are both deeply felt and full of fresh images. A song about a lingering attraction ends unexpectedly with “Some words are only meant to be sung.” Some come from the downside of love, and Malhas has an unusual knack for using elemental nature images with emotional resonances (“I crumble like salt, and you sink like a stone”). She writes long verses that show evidence of a good deal of work done to bend emotion to a metrical scheme. A few of her songs have ambitious, dark lyrics that can be read in multiple ways.”  -James M. Manheim, Ann Arbor Oberserver