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- 2013: ‘How We Love’ nominated in the 12th annual Independent Music Awards (IMA) Folk/Singer-songwriter Song Category.

- November, 2013 Living Well: Amman Unplugged

- October 20, 2013 Al-Ghad Newspaper

- July, 2013 Rolling Stone Middle East – “Hana Malhas’s Summer of ‘Love’”

- Aug, 2013 Ann Arbor News: Indie-folk-pop’s Hana Malhas returns to the U.S. from Jordan to play show at The Ark

- July/August 2013, My Kali: Q&A interview, and a crazy photoshoot!

- July, 2013 Jordan TimesBala Feesh concert series celebrates ‘free expression of music’

-October, 2012 iSPY Magazine album review ‘Hana Malhas & The Overthinkers: “While she isn’t alone, the visual when listening to this album is a solitary Malhas beneath a spotlight on an otherwise darkened stage.” “With not much for her lyrics to hide behind, we can thank our lucky stars that such a capable songwriter as Malhas is steering the ship. Lyrics like “let’s settle for destruction, at the end of the day I’ll quietly resign” give you a glimpse into her dense, tangled psyche and clue you in to why her band is “the Overthinkers.”

- September 16th, T.V. interview on Ro’ya TV

- August, 2012 CairoScene, ‘There’s Something About Hana..’ It’s an allegory for who she is; she glided into our seeming to be without a care in the world, excitable and visibly satisfied about being in Egypt and touring the Middle East. She lives between Amman and Ann Arbor, Michigan and has been making musical waves everywhere she goes. Timmy Mowafi, >>FULL TEXT

- August, 2012 Sound of Sakia Radio Interview

- August, 2012 JO Magazine, A Genuine Artist 

- July, 2012 Magpie bridge – blog “Epic is the right word, there is an epic quality to the ep, the lyrics intrigue and the arrangements hook you from the start, and the voice! Hana has a wonderfully expressive voice and uses it to full effect on both the new ep with The Overthinkers and on her debut cd Shapeshift” >> FULL TEXT 

- May 25, 2012, Ann Arbor News:Ann Arbor’s globetrotting indie-folksinger Hana Malhas marks new CD with Ark show, and a farewell, Roger LeLievre, Ann Arbor News >> FULL TEXT

May, 2012: Ann Arbor Observer – One To Watch“…Her voice has a great deal of texture and soul…Malhas’s songs are both deeply felt and full of fresh images…Malhas has an unusual knack for using elemental nature images with emotional resonances.” - James M. Manheim, Ann Arbor Oberserver >> FULL TEXT

- “With her emotive voice and graceful stage presence, Hana Malhas is an important new figure on the Ann Arbor music scene. She delivers soul-stirring songs with great intensity.” Martin Bandyke, Ann Arbor’s 107one

- “…magic on stage…an entertainer along with a stunning voice.”
 Gw Staton, Black Crystal Café

- June 1, 2012 - Hana Malhas & The Overthinkers album review, JO Magazine

- June 7th, 2012: WDET’s The Craig Fahle Show
Singer/Songwriter Hana Malhas Live in Studio

- June 1, 2010: The Storyteller“A folk-rock songstress with a 10,000-watt voice… it’s as if the music is taking over her body, channeling through her lungs in a sort of velvet explosion…she has an infectious smile, and a playful way of grooving onstage, performing with either piano or guitar.” – Nick Seeley, JO Magazine  >> FULL TEXT

- Nov. 10, 2010: Northern Express

- September 2011: Go Listen’s Local Beats
Go’s Ramzi Ghurani chats with Hana Malhas, Jordan’s own soulful folk-rock artist.